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There are two kinds of Bankruptcy that consumers (non business) Debtors are normally interested in. That is a Chapter 7 (known as a straight Bankruptcy) and a Chapter 13. Both in a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 the petitions are filed electronically over the internet using Bankruptcy Filing Software. The decision which Chapter to file is made on the […]

Social Security Disability

There are two kinds of Social Security Disability. If you have paid in sufficient benefits, you can draw disability benefits on your own account, basically drawing your retirement benefits early because you can no longer work. The claimant must prove to the Social Security Administration that she or he is completely and totally disabled and there are no jobs […]

Know your Lawyer   This a very short but important rule.  Know your Lawyer   Spend time with the attorney before you hire them. Ask him questions so you have an understanding of how he will treat you and respond to you while he represents you. You want someone who will take the time to […]

Do you Need Travel Insurance?

When booking a flight online, you are at some point given the option to buy travel insurance. Travel insurance covers medical expenses, evacuations, and accidents. There are four factors to consider when deciding on whether travel insurance is worth the cost. 1. Where you are traveling: If you are traveling outside of the U.S. buying […]

The Problem with Settlement Mills

Today, one of the biggest changes in the practice of personal injury law has been the development of personal injury “settlement mills.”  Settlement mills are the law firms that spend a great deal of money advertising.  You see their names and logos on every bus, billboard, television station and bus bench in your town.  Advertising […]

What to do if you are in an accident

If you’re in an accident, always call the police, get the number for the accident report, and exchange insurance information with the other driver. In Kentucky many people have no insurance at all.  If someone without insurance causes an accident and injures you, there may be no way to be compensated. You may have uninsured […]


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