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Alfred John Welsh

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 The real reason people hire a lawyer for their injury case is to: 1 Help them with all the requirements to win their case: and 2. To recover as much as possible. That’s it! That’s the bottom line!
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Lawyers used to have more of a connection to their client. They did not have a one time encounter never to meet again. The lawyer had a real concern for his clients.  He would help them again. I still treat people the same way.Others have changed.  The modern, urban, law practice, which views the practice of law and the representation of clients as a business only, now prevails. This type of law firm employs  some lawyers and but more often paralegals to work with clients. They often do a high volume  business, particularly in personal injury. This is how they pay for high cost advertising.

    •  The firm of Adams Hayward & Welsh, has highly experienced attorneys who personally work with you and for you on your case. They have extensive experience in the areas upon which they focus. Al Welsh’s areas most notably, are personal injury, International injury, International Law and International Transactions as wells as Foreign estates and Probate. Also both foreign and United States Medical and Dental malpractice,  Hospital negligence, wrongful death, and Estates  across Kentucky and the region.
    • Al welcomes your call to see how he may help you in resolving your claim and achieving the best possible result. He will tell you what you need to when you are injured by someone else. Although we can’t make up for the personal loss we can and will help you to recover what you deserve. His  firm’s approach to personal injury practice is high-touch and low-volume. Clients with serious, unusual or complex injuries and their consequences are concern.He takes the time to fully assess your case before deciding on a strategy. This is important, as the full extent of an injury may not manifest its self for months after the accident. Al Welsh will answer your questions personally.  He will keep your case moving toward either settlement or litigation and help you focus on putting your life back together.  You will owe him nothing until your case is over.
    • If you have been injured in another country you must not assume anything. International injuries have many  other different aspects than that which we find in the United States. Not only are the laws different but the application of them require an approach that fits the legal system. It is important to talk with competent legal counsel as soon as possible. His  advanced law degree from the University of Brussels, in Belgium gives him insight that others do not have.
    • Mr. Welsh is also a member of the Pan-European Organization of Personal Injury Lawyers. This is an elite society of distinguished personal injury lawyers. Members work in many parts of the world to assist individuals who have been injured.
    • In one  of the most devastating of all events, the  death of a family member, Al Welsh is there to help you through this difficult time. The loss of a loved one can never be truly compensated, however, a recovery can and will assist the survivors.
  • Flying is generally safe but some times there is an accident and when there is it usually is very serious. If you are involved in a crash  call me Al Welsh. Telephone # (502) 502 584 21 11 or after hours 502 836 85 86
  • Going to the dentist may not be your idea of a fun afternoon and sometimes mistakes do happen, for example nerve damage.

Nerve Damage as a Complication of Tooth Extraction or Dental Injection

Generally speaking, numbness that occurs during a dental procedure is a result of damage to one of several nerves. It’s called Dental Paresthesia. It is always considered a potential consequence of Molar or Wisdom tooth removal. In much rarer instances it can be caused by injection of a local anesthetic.

Parasthesia, which is permanent, is when tissue affected by nerve trauma, such as the lip, tongue, side of the face, side of the mouth internally the inside lining of the like experience a long term or possibly a permanent numbness or pain.

While most of the time the injury to the nerve is from a slight touching or movement or bruising, sometimes it occurs if the nerve is perforated or in very rare cases is severed.

The condition and positioning of the tooth is usually the Molar or Wisdom tooth is a good indicator as to the level of risk as to the patient has. It is very important for a patient to inquire as to whether a tooth must be extracted at any given time. It is also equally important that the patient discuss with the dentist the issue as well as understand the particular risks involved. If the patient agrees to this, knowing the risks and the extraction was properly done under the circumstances, then the consequence of the damage may very well be just a bad outcome and not due to negligence. Otherwise, if there is no informed consent and there is no discussion of the risks and there is no emergency reason to extract the tooth it will greatly effect your claim.

One of the questions to ask aside from the need to have the tooth extracted is whether the nerve lies in close proximity to the tooth being removed. Another issue about which should be inquired is the surrounding tissue which may or may not be manipulated during the extraction has a risk of being damaged.

The tooth itself sometimes is forced against the nerve in an extraction process or the instruments used may cause the problem. Most cases involve damage to the Lingual nerve. Sometimes the nerve which is involved is the Inferior Alveolar nerve. In extremely unusual cases the Maxillary nerve which provide service aspects to the upper jaw may be affected. Sometimes the Trigeninal nerve is also in play.

In the event of a difficult extraction, many people choose to have an oral surgeon, who’s also a dentist due the extraction. His training exceeds that of a general dentist and his practice involves a great deal of extractions. This is one reason why general dentist refer these extractions to which will be difficult to an oral surgeon.

It is thought that the risk accompanying extractions increases as a person ages. One of the causes for this many times is that the Wisdom tooth is an impacted Wisdom tooth or a covered by bone. In the event of a nerve severance it is important to see an oral surgeon as soon as possible. This oral surgeon should be one who specializes in nerve repair and diagnosis. Many times the longer you wait the greater the chances are that you will have permanent injury.

Again, if you have experienced any of these please give us a call so we might discuss the matter with you and determine if there is a legal remedy for your problem.

  • International Injuries
  • Medical malpractice
  • International law
  • Serious Personal injury
  • Wrongful Death
  • Auto/Truck/Motorcycle  accidents   
  • Aviation law
  • Dental/ Medical Malpractice
  • Catastrophic Injury
  • Hospital Negligence
  • Nursing Home Negligence

Admitted to practice

  • Kentucky
  • U.S. Supreme Court
  • Western District Court of Kentucky
  • Eastern District Court of Kentucky



  • Vrije Universiteit, Brussels, Belgium, LL.M.,
  • University of Kentucky, J.D.,
  •  Centre College  B.A.,
  • University of Denver

Professional memberships

  • Louisville Bar Association
  • Kentucky Bar Association
    Past President, Young Lawyers Division
  • American Bar Association
  • Union Internationale des Avocats
  • Kentucky Justice Association


  • Assistant Attorney General, Kentucky Consumer Protection Division,
  • Legislative Counsel to Congressman John B. Breckinridge- Washington D.C.
  • Consul: Belgium in Louisville Kentucky, Knight of the Order of the Crown, Knight Order of Leopold
  • National Treasurer,  Executive Committee American Committees on Foreign Relations
  • Private Practice with offices in Louisville, District of Columbia area and Atlanta
  • Founding Board Member, ABA Co-Lap Commission
  • Lobbyist State and National
  • Past member of the Board of Governors of the Kentucky Bar Association


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